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Jewellery Care

All pieces made by Kura Kura Jewellery should be treated with care. Sterling silver will discolour and turn a deep brown over time if left to sit in a jewellery box, especially in humid environments, but this can be reduced and treated easily. It is recommended you store silver jewellery in an air tight plastic bag while not in use. The best way to keep your jewellery shiny is by wearing it regularly!

Humidity causes the silver to tarnish faster, therefore do not leave jewellery in the bathroom while showering and remove when bathing or exercising. If your jewellery does become wet, ensure it is dried thoroughly. Also avoid contact with lotions or perfumes.

If your silver does become tarnished it can be removed with a silver polishing cloth. I provide one with every order for future use. They are also widely available online and most will leave a protective coating to slow future tarnish. Be careful to only wipe the silver areas and avoid the deliberately patinated (blackened) areas as it will remove or change the finish.

Patinated areas are covered with a wax coating to prolong the effect however the patina may change colour over time. If you ever need your jewellery polished or a new layer of patina added please shoot me a message, send some photos and I'll be happy to see if I take them in for a refresh. I only ask buyers pay for postage both ways.

Some stones i.e. amber & opal are naturally much softer than others and should be treated with extra care to avoid scratches or cracking. Some stones are porous and will absorb liquid potentially causing the stone to change colour over time, for example, some opals will turn translucent if exposed to excess water.

If proper care is taken your sterling silver jewels should last you a lifetime!